The Jewish Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

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In nineteen seventy six argentina. A military dictatorship seized power in what came to be known as the dirty war. The regime systematically kidnapped tortured and killed anyone suspected of including priests teachers and members of labor unions and protest movements bodies were thrown into the river plate and never recovered hundreds of pregnant. Women were kidnapped allowed to deliver their babies and then killed their babies were given to military families. The thirty thousand victims. Who were never heard from again are known as the disappeared. Twelve percent of them were jewish even though jews accounted for only one percent of the population of argentina a year into the dirty war a group of mothers whose grown children had been disappeared began demonstrating in the plaza de mayo in buenos. Id's many of them were jewish women during this time of tremendous fear and terror. These women were the only ones who are really standing up publicly and demanding that something happened and their children be returned. Natasha's arete ski is an anthropologist who focuses on human rights memory and justice. She writes about the jewish mothers of the plaza de maggio injectables updated encyclopedia of jewish women. Natasha says the movement began with a group of mothers publicly demanding to know what had been done to their sons and daughters. So you have women who started standing every thursday afternoon in the main public square in argentina which faces the presidential palace. They were simple white headscarves into which they stitch the names of their children and the dates of their disappearance and they would hold pictures of their children as well and they did this every thursday afternoon battle and at first they were kind of ignored and no one really paid attention to them and there was no retribution from the authorities and there was almost a certain sacredness to the fact that they were mothers and then as they received more international attention. That's when they started being targeted as well. There were a number of others who were kidnapped and tortured and detained and yet they remained in that plaza putting their own bodies at risk in order to try to find some kind of

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