Urban Meyer Envisions Utilizing Tim Tebow in Taysom Hill-Like Role

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Got tim t we got. We got number one. Pick in the draft playing quarterback. We got a team. That was one in fifteen a year ago. And now we're bringing it in ten tibo to run a taste him hill style package. Chris canty what do you think of that. I don't like it g. I gotta be honest with you. I mean we've seen him he'll be able to do a lot of things in the nfl. You can throw it can catch. We hadn't seen him to be able to do that at a high level at least not enough to warrant him being able to make a return after a six year absence from the sport so i just think it's a long shot in terms of being a contributor on the field with the jacksonville jaguars and if he's not going to be somebody that's a productive player. I don't think it's worth the distraction again. This is another one of those moves. This offseason got a lot of those guys in that. Jacksonville jaguars locker room looking at herbert. Meyer sideways i going out there and trying to sign. I will strength coach. Chris doyle to be your head or strength conditioning. After what happened with his tenure there and now with bringing it over i just. It's a move that reeks of privilege. And it's a move that could undermine the credibility of your head coach moving

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