Steve Chien Talks About the Possibility of Intelligent Alien Life



Are your thoughts on the likelihood in our lifetime or the lifetime of our listeners in discovery of life apart from that on earth. That's a great question can oddly enough. What did i get remarkably frequently. I kind of have to answer to that. One is a pragmatic answer. And then one is kind of like the answer that i'm hoping for and the pragmatic answer is that it just seems to me not likely that we would find life in the immediate future just because going to these places is so hard if we're looking at going to the sub ice ocean on europa we have to fly jupiter which is pretty hard. We have to land on europa which is hard for then we have to melt through this ice crest which is ten kilometers sick. That might even take a year or two and then we have to explore this under ice ocean. And we're actually practicing things like that on earth had to explore underneath ice shells underneath the ice shelf the ross ice shelf in antarctica. Because we want to study that to understand the effects of climate change on some of these pristine antarctic environments. But it's very hard on earth much less to go to another planet in do that. So the pragmatic answer is. I'm not holding my breath waiting for such a mission to happen in in my lifetime but if you look out thirty fifty years. It's just very hard to project. So i would. I would have a hard time predicting. But if you ask me as an optimist in what i hope for. It's quite possible that we could hear some signals. That might indicate to us that there could be somebody trying to contact us a little different from going there and literally visiting

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