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Path grade is here on the please radio network. Welcome to it that way through the week. Course jeff will join us to chew the fat coming up in about half an hour. You know as always kind of a broken record but there's a lot to get to today just every single day. It's it's a selfish choice. On what using what you don't use really. I mean i think we might be up to seventeen and a half or even eighteen minutes of information and entertainment jammed into just to our a bowl statement tanker. I know i know today feeling it. I'm feeling it. i think it's true. We are living in a cloud and piven world. Aren't we sure they're throwing more things and you could possibly imagine at us From the border to the key to the covid situation to the inflation situation the us economy. That's going to hell in a handbasket and this was the guy who is going to. He was gonna take care of the little people heart. A little people doing right now. Are you doing if you're not to among the wealthiest americans the upper one percent. A bet you're doing really well with the higher gas prices in the inflation at the grocery store. These are the things that hurt. Poor people the most the middle class the most start raising the price of gas. Like it's going up and people are hurt by that. You feel the pinch at the grocery store. There hurt by that. I mean you were going through the list. There we've got race issues gender bullcrap yup covid mandates and and and edicts. Wherever you begin. I dunno. I don't know they were so concerned about the border in the children. D'ici in each forty children up to cheating or suffering at the border. I can't believe it the children they don't give a rat's anus About the children conditions for the migrant children at the border right now more than forty five hundred migrant children mostly teenage boys at fort bliss in texas so this is just at fort bliss. They've got somebody just went into it and went into their enormous tents. That are unsanitary filthy. One of federal employees told reason that it was just appalling. Said i'm not gonna lie. We've got people dropping like flies. It's talking about the employees are leaving in droves because it's just not something that they're used to this facility is growing fast and we're getting kids on a daily basis. We don't have enough staff to maintain but keep in mind. There's no crisis here. This isn't a crisis all he said. I've been into one dorm one time and i was like yeah. I'm not going back. They're they're filthy dirty. There's food on the floor. There's wet spots all over the place. The beds are dirty. I don't know what's going on. Or who's responsible for ensuring that dorms need to be clean but we all need to be responsible for telling the miners to clean up after themselves. We have already caught staff with minors. Inappropriately Is that okay with you. Guys he asked rhetorically. I hope not. We've also caught minors with minors. You know we've got teenagers in this shelter. What's happening with teenagers. Hormones raging out of control. It's important that we maintain safety and vigilant be vigilant Stop what is happening if you don't watch these kids and you're not the one who's going to step in. Who's going to be that person to stand up for the miners. Because that's what we're here for. So the children are also being ignored. Apparently when they request Medicare some of the incidents and complaints. We're getting also or that we've got miners were requesting medical due to not feeling well and staff members were telling. There's nothing wrong with you. Go back to your bed in the age of covid. There's nothing wrong with you. Go back to bed. you're not going to test them or anything. These are legitimate complaints. And it's my duty to let you know what's going on because if you know who these people are. You need to report them. So that's what's happening right now as the border. It's going really well y- because these are the democrats so they cared deeply. Oh my gosh. These are the ones who are filled with feelings in motion. And they love the little person and they love minorities in the love. Immigrants these non-documented citizens. We love him. Much day. One you know. They opened up the border. I didn't care what kind of consequences. And what kind of conditions they were going to be creating with their with their policies and it took over two months. I look this up. It was march twenty fourth. When biden named kamala harris as you know in charge of the border march twenty four so it took him over two months to realize that they created a nightmare and now we are sixty four days later. Harris has not yet visited the border. Still yeah she's. They're not interested in the border. Afc crying about this on video. I haven't seen it lately. That's all they talk about in the early years of trump was how terrible his treatment was of these unaccompanied children at the border. That's all we heard. Torn out of the arms of their mothers over and over and over again. They bellyache about it now. They couldn't care less than could not care less. It's i mean you know that this is who they are but then you see an action. It's still kind of hard to believe it's just. It's it's stunning. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three by the way Support for israel among young adults is down forty one points. Oh in three years three years you never say i. I don't know that. I've ever seen a movement either positive or negative in one of these polls that that that is that drastic that fast evangelical christians in the united states. Who in the past have been staunch supporters of israel Not so much anymore. A new survey found that this is eighteen to twenty nine year olds and this was an online poll conducted between march and april surveyed over seven hundred individuals just to three point seven percent point margin of error with ninety five percent level of confidence ninety five percent. Sure that this is accurate in these are eighteen to twenty nine year old. Did you say evangelical. Yeah seventy five percent is what it was three years ago.

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