A highlight from Harvey Milk - Lets Celebrate the Mayor of the Castro!

Let's Get Civical


Back to. Let's get physical. I'm lizzy stewart's and i am arden. Wallin taos and what's new. Scooby doo i feel like i just spent the our pre record session saying how tired and overworked i am. How's everybody else too. Hang my god. I am the same. I am in the same boat It's i just feel like i am constantly behind. My gentlest list is never ending There are some days. Where like i try and remember to eat. Y'all l awhile haven't brushed my teeth in two days. I haven't brushed them yet today. Thank you for the reminder. It is everybody. Brush your teeth when you're done listening to this recording. It is the first thing to go. Once we get stressed is by by be is the first thing i do when i wake up. Is i have my coffee. And don't want to brush them just after having my coffee. So i'm like. I'll wait a second but then in the time that i'm waiting a second everything blows up and then it's two o'clock and i'm like you more in this case it's two days later and i'm like my gosh. Like what have i done with myself. What am i done. Yeah and you can't brush them before coffee because then your coffee tastes like it tastes me. You can't do and also i'm tired like i'm too tired to do the whole trash shot like no thank. You have the coffee i absolutely. It is literally the first thing i do when i get up in. The morning is turned the kettle on. Yes absolutely saying so any who with all of that said. We're i feel like this is our theme last week as well because this week. Our topic is about something where there's like a it's like there's a day there's like happened in this month so we saw that we thought. Oh my god. What a great episode topic. Yeah this month. Harvey milk day falls in the month of may so we thought why not talk about harvey milk. So it's almost like it's a little bio pic by a little. It's a biopic by up bio-pic by our yeah that's not skoda's related. No and i love that. I love her little bio pic by biopic. Because i feel like. I feel like we. I didn't learn about how this is going to sound crazy. But i obviously didn't learn about harvey milk in texas public education. I didn't learn about him in ohio. Yeah my first introduction to him. Was the sean penn film. Yes me too. She won the academy award for retrying him. Yeah that was my first time. That i was like this is a person that existed. Yes one hundred percent. And i like. I can't remember when that film came out. But i remember like like it was a very memorable film for me and i remember

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