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Okay. Let's move on to a guy that's being compared by now to rashad. Bateman in that is lonsdale more. He went to the arizona cardinals in the second round. And this is a guy that a lot of people are on dynasty as well. Collier thoughts on rhonda. More from purview. Run more than other guy data you know. I like the talent. I kind of wonder what his role is going to be in arizona that they do have the passing volume there to support him to become a fantasy viable wide receiver. If he's talented as he can't is athleticism has shown. I think he can produce a to be coming up a pretty valuable fancy option. I just. I'm not really in love with them. Taking them in the first round though. Because i'm not confident that he ends up becoming a very coveted player long-term. I'm just not sure that he that it's without getting the volume that Some of these other top receivers. You're going to get. I'm not sure that his death. The targets are going to be Extremely valuable and so. He's renita rely on a lot of catches now again with the air raid being spread system. There should be a lot of underneath stuff or that. It can complement deandre hopkins. So you later in their careers and you might see these. Two guy switching. But as coming out of college rancho moore's is very limited in what it skills that is He did almost everything. From elias scrimmage whether handoffs or getting short yard passes and running after the catch which is it's good for a lot of offense is like i said he could be a nice compliment out nice Robin but to deandre hopkins. But i i definitely cannot see a batman batman Combination there so. I think that the upside is. The ceiling is a little bit low for me for wanting to spend a first round pick. I think that What you can do with a lot of these guys is if there if you're kind of not sold on them at a back in first or early second round picks you know people covet. Those rookie picks quite often. And you can sometimes get undervalued veteran that you know is going to produce next year i agree with you on wanda and it's baffling to me that these two guys have with similar with shout bateman in baltimore the guy. We just talked about a similar. Adp in dynasty rookie draft right now average draft addition. They're probably going round. Pick eight pick or so but like you call. I think that rondo more is more of a second round. Pick because of the fact that hopkins is already there and i'm gonna touch on that a little bit more and say that long-term if let's say rhonda more sticks with the cardinals. Is he ever going to be a number one receiver in target for cal for calamari. Because as long as the andrea is there and he's demanding one hundred seventy targets. There's not a lot of room. That offense to morris thrive. So that's why i'm with you on route. One del more. I think he's a talented receiver but Even before the draft i was not as high on rhonda with a lot of receivers seeing this landing spot to me makes him in less desirable of a prospect for me. So i'm not on the vonda more train either. And this is probably a guy that i will avoid. I have no problem taking him in the second round. But based on where i've been singing going i think he's not gonna fall to a second round. And if there's a toss up between vonda more rashad bateman the board that i'm gonna pick shot bateman That's what i'm going to be doing every every time. Because i just like Bateman a lot. More than i do rhonda more at this point. Yeah i do i. She liked the landing spot. You know. being tied to collar long-term is a is a positive. I think as far as you know where people are going to proceed even if he does come out and flashes rookie year. People are gonna get really excited to you. Know that that's one thing that i think that You either one of these guys are tied up the young quarterbacks that can rush around and can hit a deep ball i just wondered what his development curves because the way he was using college and if he does maybe this guy could be a terrific type because he really is at that super athlete of prospect. We're

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