A highlight from BK welcomes Aric Dilalla


The broncos daily. Putt jazz town with brandon. Krisztal want everything. All the meatballs and foster happy wednesday broncos country excited. Uh bring an interview. I did with eric. Lal from the denver broncos website air because a really good dhabi s. Good questions press conferences. And when i hear him talking to players in the locker room i i just think he. He has a good perspective on how he looks at things and and how he covers football. You'll hear that in the conversation We talk a lot about the broncos new executive kelly klein who's going to have her hands a lot of different areas Working very closely with george payton on the football side. She's going to be also in charge of the video room the equipment department as well as college scouting and and then she's a special advisor i think is what eric told me So we'll we'll get to that. Plus roman phifer longtime nfl linebacker and a teammate of george. Payton's at ucla we'll We'll discuss his role as well. And then in just a minute. Let you hear the little snippet of a long conversation. We talked to mike for over forty five minutes shelby harrison. I did for our very first. Shell-shocked full episode shelby harris podcast. Which you gonna come out every thursday. I will drop tomorrow. So i urge you to go to wherever you're listening to this podcast fine. Shell-shocked subscribe sign up and then reviews as well because that helps. I guess keep our podcast at the top of mind and again shelby's podcast gonna be the only podcast that a active nfl players. Doing at least as best. I can tell right now because richard sherman on the team. And i'm not sure he's even still doing his same podcast with chris. Collins worth in greg olson had one but he's retired. And i i was doing some research and may maybe someone complained to me. I couldn't find another active. Nfl player with a podcast. So maybe someone can can correct me an interesting week though and broncos country to this point because you had the start of ota's mike klis out there counting people's Attendants seventy one was a number. He came up with but a lot of vets weren't part of that. Seventy one justin simmons. No new mcmahon is no shelby harris Among others for phase two which has just onfield work with coach no teamwork next week phase three starts and i think you'll see more veterans teddy bridgewater. Wasn't there this week I'm not sure who. I'll wasn't wasn't we saw drew. Lock there for sure Saw pass catchers there as well but all those guys are young guys even portland's only going into your four and coming up the knee injury. So i think he wants as much onfield working hard. He has to be in the building for his rehab every day. Anyway but i think you'll see more vets next week start to show up and then in the coming weeks leading up to a mandatory minicamp so beyond that though it's it's kind of a quiet week and i think that's okay. I mean the the broncos we make some some pretty big hires and and that in itself created buzz. Which again is why. I wanted to get eric on but i do what you hear a little bit of shelby and mike pursell on on the podcast with us talking to big mike that will come out again tomorrow so This snippet that. I'm pulling here for you. We're talking about when mike i got to denver. There's a story that fangio likes to tell. And so i ask these guys I shelby if you'd heard the story that when they brought my again essentially as a camp body That maybe with a chance to compete. That victotled john elway matt russell as well be careful because he just might like this guy and the rest is history. So that's where the starts by me asking shelby. Had you heard that no. I heard the thing is like well. We all liked them. And the thing is he is funny. He talked about when he first came in. He was helping everybody else out because we didn't we couldn't get it at first. Because i'd never played in the re defense before and so like we're all just sitting there like y'all how do you. How do you do this. And because my first couple of reps for like a you obviously know what the hell you do help us out here and so like when it all happened happened then he. He made the team as well. You know it's funny. Because like i we were talking about it. I remember that first game and they were talking about it might comes in here going in the first one by

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