Severe Storms Threaten Northeast and Central U.S.


Severe weather is rolling through the region tonight. It's made for some treacherous driving on roads, and it's leaving a trail of debris in its wake, Just like an earlier storm system did take you live now to a strong team four's Mike Stanford. And Good evening, Dimitri. And for the first time in several hours, all of our severe weather has either been canceled or has expired. This severe thunderstorm warning for South Central and Arrundell northeaster, ST Mary's and Calvert counties has been canceled as the cells have weakened below severe limits and exited the warrant area. So right now, we're still seeing some heavy storms across portions of southern Maryland. Specially from rather deal area south with the chest. Be patient, Honey channel Prince Frederick. This activity is moving off into the bay very quickly, leaving behind the Ah lot of trees down from the district southward. We saw winds of 60 to 80 miles now, including for wind gust over 80 Miles are at Aqua Kwan in Prince William County over the last couple of hours, so there's a lot of trees a lot of power lines down. We're gonna have to do some clean up here in some major roadways, including Canal Road are still impacted right now by trees down, So even though the things are starting to calm down, I'm gonna take a little while here and make sure that is his front comes to At the severe weather is coming to an end. But the good news things are starting to calm down. Finally, and now the clean out comes from what has been a very active day with some very high winds across much of the area.

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