The Keto Mediterranean Diet


Now. Let's talk about toasts because the mediterranean diet will not get your body into ketosis. Not unless you're doing intermittent fasting and doing something like one meal a day. Then you can eat. The mediterranean diet eat the grains and the fruit and so get into ketosis. however if you're consuming more than one meal a day it will not get you in ketosis because it's going to be too high in carbs and the benefits of kito cicis. Are that your body burns. Fat for fuel. And it is a very clean fuel source. You produce more energy with key tones and a less metabolic waste. And so it's a clean burning fuel and it's it's also very advantageous Brain runoff ketones because helps reduce inflammation in the brain helps you function in things sharper and quicker and so many benefits. In general ketogenic diet helps ruby. Simple nation helps improve fat burning which helps optimize in body tissue again great for mental clarity and sharpness for overall energy levels. Helps increase the amount of might oka- andrea in your cells which is called mitochondrial biogenesis more metal contra. The more cellular energy produce reduces your risk of chronic disease can have great anti-aging effects improving skin quality improving joint health a lot of great benefits there and reduces cravings and so that's one of the great benefits of it is that once you get kito adapted. You very rarely crave sweets and sugar and things like that. It's easier to follow because of that. Now your typical pyramid again with a ketogenic diet. Highly recommend being physically active. Just like what. We saw in the pyramid with the mediterranean diet foundation. Has your fats so on a on a mediterranean diet of course reading a lot of all of olive oil. That's the same on akito genyk diet. He wanna use olives and olive oil. You can also use avocados avocado oil. You can use. Mcat oil eggs coconut oil things like that lots of non starchy vegetables if you're doing fruitvale. Localized cmec fruits like lemons. Limes maybe a little bit of berries things like that. A lot of good clean protein on a ketogenic diet. You don't discriminate the protein. It's not like fish or seafood focused. It tends we tend also add in a lot of people vive chicken and different different. Meats like that fatty meats. In general fiber you know getting nuts and seeds fermented foods and then using natural sweeteners as

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