Marxists Have Control of the Media and Education; It's Time to Challenge Them


I think you can look at two things before we run out of time. The media and education These are two the key areas They have devoured them. They've controlled them for a very long time. Now they're completely out of the closet. In many ways that's helpful so we can deal with it. You will not see a difference between the vast majority, overwhelming majority of media platforms and outlets, the Democrat Party And the Democrat Party and these offshoots of Marxism. That's a fact. We're going to have to explain it. We're going to have to get it. I'm going to be all over TV and radio explaining on different stations and so forth. That we have to call it what it is. We have to explain what it's doing. We have to have the courage to do that. We have to talk to our neighbors and our friends and so forth and their concrete things we're going to have to do and we can do it without changing our lives in any significant way. And I'm sure that many ideas out there like the one I heard last night about body cams for teachers. I just did it slightly, even though people may disagree with me, which is okay. Let's put cameras in the classroom. Let's find out what's going on in our classrooms, the government schools, they know the administrators know what's going on the school boards know what what's going on? The principles know what's going on the assistant to the assistant principals know what's going on the teachers. Unions know what goings on the teachers. Now we have to hear from little Johnny Little Sally, if we're lucky now. We pay for every damn thing in these institutions. We want to know what's going on. And I thought that was a great idea. But we have other great ideas, too.

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