American Greatness Reporter Julie Kelly on the Mistreatment of January 6 Prisoners


And now an extremely troubling story that I'm seeing other people and by the way, including myself latching onto now because you produce such a volume of evidence. Here that the treatment of these January six prisoners has been absolutely abhorrent Number one for a Constitution Republicans. Secondly, Julie, I'd like to do for you to address how many of those prisoners from Antifa and BLM are being treated the same way in equal conditions if you wouldn't mind. So, Dan, I'll answer your last question first, which is none. Not only is Biden's DOJ not pursuing the ANTIFA BLM rioters from last year they're actively dropping cases against Portland Antifa criminals for far worse crimes than what we saw in January six. This includes Attacking federal officers. As you know, when you talked about yesterday, destroying federal property, Chris Wray was actually confronted about this. During his testimony last week, the FBI director he tap danced around It claimed that they were still looking at all the evidence that a lot of what happened with the 2020 social justice riots if you want to call them that, or they call them that, um, there there were mostly local and state offense is not federal, so he really kept Around that. Meanwhile, you have at least three dozen January six defendants languishing for months in solitary confinement conditions in a D. C. Prison that apparently has been set up justice specifically House them under pretrial detention orders. This is not that they have already had a trial. They've been convicted. They are in jail, awaiting delayed trials for months on end. As the government drags these cases out into really next year's midterm

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