EA Acquires Another Studio


Ea has acquired played democ for one point. Four billion dollars renan's sinclair at games industry biz. Electronic arts has agreed to purchase play dynamic from warnermedia for point. Four billion dollars in an all cash deal. The companies announced today founded in two thousand ten the manchester uk based play. Democ is best known as the developer of the mobile in facebook. Game golf clash. Well we've enjoyed working with the talented team play. Democ as they've grown golf clash beyond all expectations into a hit. Mobile game was tremendous longevity. Wb games president david haddad. Said he continues. Well we have great respect for the play. Democ team artists divest is part of our overall strategy to build games based on warner brothers. Storied franchises and quote last month. Wb games parents warnermedia announced that it would be it would be spun off of parent company. At and t. And merged with discovery in a forty three billion dollar deal but it was reported that not all of the publishers operations would be going along raising questions about the fate of the remaining studios the play democ acquisition announcement specified that the rest of the wb games portfolio is included in the deal with discovery. Play democ becomes the fourth significant for ea since december when it reached an agreement to purchase racing game specialist code masters for one point. Two billion dollars thwarting take two's interactive's take you interactive's own attempt to add the company to its portfolio if all that up with a two point one billion dollar acquisition of glue mobile in february and the addition of super supromega baseball developer metalhead software in may

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