How to Make Space Snacks

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We're going to be turning regular snacks into space snacks nex. Let's get going starving only had to eat. Today was an apple a stack of pancakes three raw onions. Aac granola bars and a lot of five alarm chili cameras for this activity. You'll need to grab some snacks. Finger foods like dry cereal or fruit and veggie slices are gonna work best for this now a your snack into a scene from space for example i took different pieces of fruit and use them to make a model of the solar system. See you've got gotta blueberry mercury a great for venus. Ah raspberry from mars and so on and so forth also used pomegranate seeds to give. Your kiwi saturn's rings exactly. Wanna make your own space neck you know. i do. Let me have my blueprints year. Luke grab ranch. Why do you have so many tools here. Mendis a hammer a screwdriver. Reggie hammy that welding torch. Welding been nito. Mindy is that a inexact. Full-scale model of the mars rover perseverance. Made entirely out of beef jerky and yoga. Get let's get you to mars.

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