Biden's Continuous Lies About BLM Feed Well for Putin


It's one thing for literally criminals. To break through a cordon go into the capital, killing police officer backstop. Literally. Criminals didn't break through a cordon going to the capital and kill a police officer. No police officer was killed. A protester was killed. The police officer's name is unknown. Because Biden in the attorney general, do not want to release the police officer's name. In a free society. Can you imagine that? If somebody from black lives matter was shot. At the Portland courthouse and died and they were unarmed. They weren't acting violently. That the police officer would be His name concealed or her name. They wouldn't be. No. Can you imagine that? What would the press be saying? But Biden is lying here. Protesters. Even the ones that broke into the Capitol building killed anybody. They didn't kill anybody. But they have to lie. And that's why Putin and others pick up on this stuff. And threw it back at us. They throw our own lives. It Back at us. In order to defend their own

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