A highlight from Tyranny of the Minority (with Amy Walter)


Hey pull up a chair. Attacks on tap with david axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy ask again. Donald trump with his despicable lies has lit a fire beneath republican state legislatures and they have launched most sweeping voter suppression efforts in at least in at least eighty years more than two hundred fifty bills and forty. Three states were introduced just between the months of january and february that would restrict the right to vote. So hey it's voting rights day in washington Gibbs and who better to decode all of this theater for us than the great. Amy walter from the cook report. I'm looking forward to the kotik. Yes welcome decoder. I brought my rain from cereal. Box the try to put that to work. So look i don't want i mean i think that this this this cascade of Of bills around the country based on and they are based on alive. Basically that the last election was somehow fraudulent and therefore we have to take draconian steps to try and stop this from happening again. That's not true but it's also true that this is kind of theater today. Isn't it amy right at this is this is not going to get sixty votes. We all know

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