Angelina Jolie Caught Leaving Ex's Residence Again

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She was seen leaving her ex-husband. Johnny we milas apartment yesterday for the second time this week forgot something and how source close to scholley tells me news the to have been quote unquote good friends for years and their kids are pals. I'm not buying this. Your first of all i heard jonny lee miller i was thinking like there's so many people that didn't even know she was married before brad pitt. Like there's so many people that did you know cam you really don't i mean i. Even i know ram stuff. I am buying this. I think that they are just friends things. She's visiting. I think he's got some little press with some flings and she's go. Why are why she going back to. The i o guess i did. You know why she's doing it. It's hard to find a man who accept you six kids and it's even harder to get back into the swing of dating when you just been through a rough divorce. She's going back to what she knows. She's comfortable with holding. I still think she can visit and have adult time. I don't think she's trying to necessarily get back into a relationship. I have said this on many daily episodes. We should go back and find the footage. I don't think she is ever going to get remarried ever again. I don't think she's gonna be in a long term committed relationship. I just don't see that for her. I think she's committed to her children the way way that other person whose name

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