Why Now Is the Best Time to Break Into Freelance Web Design


We're talking all about how you fight issue can break into freelance. Web design to build reliable monthly recurring revenue. So john share with us. Why now today is the best time to start a freelance web design biz. Absolutely i mean now. More than ever every business entrepreneur. Everyone that wants that go into business needs a website. I mean that's one big thing. That code code showed everyone just how important their online presences and one of the secrets is folks are not just looking for a website. They also need that expert with great service and communication on their side to be the go between Between you know the tech companies or the hosting company keep their website up and running and crazy so my co teacher the co founder of the course kelly. A her an eye for both of us. Twenty twenty was actually one of our best years ever. Despite the pandemic and twenty twenty one is not slowing down and other agency owners that i talked to in other freelancers. The the story is the same. And it's just a great time to hop in for we have one student who two years ago was working in. Hr for a metal company in nashville. She had a one hour commute each way to her job. Even though on the weekends it took like fifteen minutes to get to her job and so really. She was working fourteen ten hour days like six. Am to six pm with those commutes included and she had a seven level underground parking garage that she would park again. Meanwhile her husband was a home. Music producer in nashville booking sessions when he wanted to going on tour sometimes with me. We play in a band together and before taking our core she would call herself. The least tech savvy person around and in a year's time she took our course built her design business to a point where she can leave her full time job and now she's completely booked With jobs in the pipeline. And it's only going to increase as companies move more towards online that online presence and online stores. That's going to be a huge key going forward. So that's why. I think now's probably the best time ever and i'm sure people say that a lot but it really is. Kobe really opened the door to the importance of your online

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