Trump Secretly Subpoenaed Records of Democrats on House Intelligence Committee


Breaking news tonight about the trump justice department's abusive power to investigate its enemies new york times reports. Prosecutors subpoenaed apple for data from the accounts of at least two democrats on the house intelligence committee aides and family members. One was a minor all told the records of at least a dozen people tied. The committee were seized in two thousand seventeen and early twentieth eighteen including those representative. Adam schiff of california then the panel's top democrat and now it's chairman katie. Benner covers the justice department from your times is one of the bylines on this story and she joins me now on the phone and thank you. Katie on short notice for joining us. Just walk us through what we know here. Sure the investigation really begins in two thousand seventeen soon. After donald trump became president as we all know there were several stories very unflattering to him also involve the leaks of sensitive or classified information. Jim komi talking. About memo's how. The president had pressured him to drop an investigation to michael national security adviser news about michael finn in michelson conversations with the russian ambassador and whether or not there's a questionable story after story basically detailing things about the trump administration that were highly questionable stories about the ongoing russian investigation which about with new to the public and the white house was determined to figure out who was the source of these leaks. Now people in the all the time administration's best all the time but we also saw as as these leaks were on and prosecutor started to think that they were hitting dead ends that they just never really

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