How Daily Distractions and Busyness Can Make Us Miss Life's Moments

On The Verge


It really made me think of these subtleties the subtle encounters of life. That that we experience all of the time that we may be missing. I started to ask myself. What am i missing. What else am i missing. You know. I've often heard that life happens between the two deuce right. It's between the tasks between the actions that those pauses those moments between notes where we experienced the brilliance of life as it is right now in this experience just brought that home for me years ago as well. I remember In this stuck with me for so years my friend. Linda brilliant woman was a ceo of a division of a pharmaceutical company was in charge of thousands of people. She also taught yoga for me at verge and still teaches there and I remember asking her after she retired from her. Ceo position it was like a mother two or three afterward. And i said so. How has life changed. How do you feel after retiring from massive position and her answer to me was just perfect. She said you know. I was in the shower. The other day shampooing. My hair and i was smelling the shampoo and i and it smelled so wonderful and i just kind of relished for a moment smelling the shampoo and i looked at the bottle. An- realized i've been using the for years. And i never recognized the smell because when i'm in the shower i've i'm always thinking about the day ahead what i have to do who i have to speak to what needs to happen and i have never forgotten that simple story and this is where i feel stories our stories. We can spark things in each other just by the simplicity of our stories and our experiences.

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