What if everything was human-powered?


What if everything was powered by lack so everything in the world that is powered by all our good dinosaur juices and like solar power and all that yada yada all picked one specific thing and said what if that was the only source. So chris let you start off. What question did you answer. So i started off with the most basic source of power that you can get. That is human power. What if everything was human powered so my first thought when thinking about this was just like the flintstone cars like fred flintstone running. In a car and the power car obviously. That's not what we would actually do. We actually like we do have ways. That are human powered already to get places. The most obvious one is bicycles so professional bicycle. Riders can maintain twenty five miles per hour on flat ground. Which is pretty fast. It's not like a substitute for cars. Really but it. it's decent. Yeah twenty five is not fast that i would expect. Yeah that's fair professional biker too so it might be a little lower for like people but still pretty good but there are some better versions of bikes. So is a thing called vela mobile. That was really hoping you were gonna say tricycle. Savell mobile is basically just a bite. That's enclosed in like it has an enclosure and protected from the weather and stuff in it has like better dynamics and there are some like like electricity assisted vela mobile. But they're also wants purely human powered and the enclosure actually adds a little bit of weight to it so like if you're going uphill then it's a slower climb up then than like normal bike but if you're going downhill or on flat ground than are the better dynamics helps increase your top speed Actually watched the video of a guy going. He reached sixty eight miles per hour on one of these things which is pretty good in my opinion.

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