More Than Writing Code With Dr.Neeta Trivedi


If we can start with your origin story how did you get into though you hi. I'm really excited to be part of this and allows me to also to fresh lots upward memories and so i was disciplined by the back end reflecting. I come from a very very modest background. Lower middle class family and the video all down. Even the dreams are modest because nineteen eighty-four The was not so much there was no internet not division netflix's nor discovery channels in salon. So they didn't know too much outside world end Across a small town. So maybe you just one thing has shown that i wanted to do something like it should be different. Should be big. What is that big. That clarity was not bad so we talked about maybe we can become college professors or maybe not engineering college professors. That was largely a dreams. One thing for sure bet. You should study a lot of maths and physics because that's when you'll be essential that's on. I knew and we grew up. Got very good teachers. From primary school onwards they were passionate about building human resources not not just teaching and making many. Thanks the very fortunate in rhode small incidents that when my parents started the would not afford the fee and they wanted to would mean a government. School leaders came to my house. And saying you can pay the fee later. Don't take her out. I mean that's unheard of in general so grew up in that environment really nine thousand people in ninety nine hundred seven whenever completing busy in physics chemistry math because we didn't have engineering college in the town and i don't think my parents would have sent me outside at that age then even financially. Maybe they could not so of. I was finishing my own. That fame be heard about this diario program

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