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Feel by introducing you to members of our church staff and our community. Ooh it is a true treat and it is a treasure well per us. I'm joined by my co host. He's the youth pastor for our high school ministry called the climax. Please welcome gray. Has everybody dab dab dab for the holy guys tally. How cool what you're doing with your arms every time you say dead. That's a new thing. The kids are doing right now. It's really popular. And i don into. It looks cool. So how was your week my brother well. I did kitchen bunch of my teens coming to climax playing spin the bottle o. No i know. We're you know they were actually in the drained baptismal jacuzzi in the main auditorium on. What did you do. Well you know. I just get added day. You'll lollapalooza and Shoot them off. And i you know. I got that bottle away from them. Which i don't even know where they got it but you know unfortunately halley at dropped the bottle as i was getting out of the jacuzzi and it broke so we might want to tell the facilities management. You know they before they fill it back up this weekend. Sweep up the glass. Hate for someone to get shocked when they get dunked. That's right oh my goodness halley in big news. I i in the final round of my interviews for the reality show. God's house. I mentioned last week. Well i'm very close. Hollywood producer biff mifflin of hand of god productions you know he brings twelve christian singles. Put them on an island and see if they can all end up married and expecting by the end of the month for the chance to win a million dollars. So that's cool. I've had one small problem though. Halley girlfriend buddha ababba well Beca to she's my fiancee I told her about it and she said she wouldn't allow it. Oh and i just had to put my foot down. Halley said you know. I am not a head of household yet but i'm pretty close act and i am making this decision if i get his. I'm going oh gee say well. She said well i'm going. She's going on the island out no halley she saying like i'm leaving just breaking up with you well. She can't really do that. Because i really talked down and i just said hey look becky. This is a way that god can really test our relationship because you know if he puts me on this island with these awesome christian beautiful other five christian singles in the perfect test of the relationship so a their be six girls if it's twelve making Six couples Yeah i guess. I was thinking of something else. How halley. oh. I'm so happy it's june. It is busted out all over. I love june because we always do a series at twin hills. About god's promises and this june all month long were doing a series called. Let god bless them over diving into god's promises and how he blesses his people and we're going to be focusing on the great flood and how god promised to never destroy the earth by flood ever again and he used the symbol of rainbow to symbolize such a beautiful promise to never ever. He only did it. Once is such a horrible genocide to destroy. Everyone almost everyone he created. Did that one time. But the beautiful symbol of the rainbow. Says he'll never do it again. And so for let. God bless them month. We decided to make all of these beautiful rainbow banners. We put them all over campus in the children's mystery in the gym in the atrium in the caf during the food court all over outside on our campus on our website. It's this beautiful rainbow flags. And i know i loved it when i drove in the other day. Is like willy wonka or something happy right full and then friday night i get a call. Frantic that the rainbow flags are a symbol of gay pride bonds. What and lead pastor was taken down. Take them down take him. I have never had to call all these volunteers. Take them all down. I had to go down to branch mitts and the props department say. I know you just did all these rainbow flags we got to change it up and we gotta do it now. We have less than a day till we start this series. So let's just do the name of series. I mean they took nudo. I can't believe they took the flag so brett gets to work and he starts making huge banners and flags to replace the whole theme for the month of june. And we were just gonna put up. Let god bless them month and we're gonna leave him up for the whole month while he didn't have a lot of supplies so brett had used so much stuff on the rainbow flags banners that he didn't have many left so he had to abbreviate it. He ended up making a whole bunch of flags and banners that said Lgbt month for god bless them and then turns out. That's a gay thing. What the sandwich no. You're thinking of a b. l. t. or be t. What's the avocado. So we end up with all these. Lgbt month flags banners and ads all over campus. All over the place. And we're like stop against up again. Get same volunteers. Take them all down. Take them all take down. We're just not going to have any advertising which was a bummer is within Steve started the series this weekend. With let god bless them and he was talking about the rainbow and god's promise to not destroy and it was really bizarre gray up in one of the balconies for main broke and flooded the g. balcony. No one winning over fifty thousand gallons of water in the people up. There started panicking. They thought it was the second grade flood. That is a god thing. Just kind of reminding us that he could kill everyone if he wanted to. But everyone in auditory. We'll besides the people who raced out of the g section in the balcony. Everybody else looked up at that thought. And they trusted. God's promise they didn't run out. They stayed for the rest of the message. And i think that moment of trusting promises you know what that is something.

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