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A Rod and J Lo used to call It is so good together. The mature look at is already all stick around your radios. Big boy's neighborhood Real 92 3, You can kiss me Brad Traffic Centre delays this morning in mid city on the 10 westbound at La Brea Avenue, a crash with one car in the Middle Lane and the other among the right shoulder. Traffic is stop and go from Normandy Avenue. This report is sponsored by India dot com not to be a vaccine driver. But if you need to hire great people fast you need indeed sponsor a job and you immediately get a list of quality candidates whose resumes on indeed match your job description more at Indy dot com slash credit. I'm Lonnie Swaine was traffic on romantic degree Ella's new home for hip hop. If you're on the road and listening to this, it doesn't matter where you're going with Jiffy Lube. Anywhere as possible. Your skilled technicians are here to change your oil breaks, batteries plus so much more you can explore from anywhere. Check out dot com to find the service centre near you. Suffering from hearing loss can mean missing out on the things in life you love most, especially when you may not be feeling is connected to those who matter so visiting your hearing

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