Understanding Your Gut Microbiome with James and Dahlia Marin of Married to Health


Gut health. And you know the the micro biogas is a little more nuanced than than you guys have taken a little bit. More of a focus There where did that come from. Just pure richest in the science or is that the most effective tool to focus on. I'm going to step off camera because there seems to be some sort of bird reunion happening outside of my window. Seven closed the window. But i'm listening. You say that question or care. So yeah i think the i think honestly was evolution so i just just as we evolved with our eating and started out kind of flexible. -tarian pesca -tarian. We evolved to more hundred whole foods plant based it was. It's the same in our research in our profession muscles registered bags editions. It's like we're constantly digging. I would say we're always looking for that. Where where does this ruin neck about. Why in that. Why connect with other. We're constantly digging. Ultimately we've been digging and it goes to gut health on. I recently claimed in another talk and another project we're working on. We're honestly i think gut health is the nexus of all health for the planet and so it really is these microbes that our foundation where they're talking about soil whether you're talking about our lungs or they're talking about the gut. Where talking about anything in australia. The microbe that makes it exists so we really came that understanding and and as integrative registered dieticians. We are looking for that route. And i think we've found it and one of our goals has always been help. People eat more plants whether they are fully plant based or not how to eat more plans and one of the biggest things is people tells. I won't eat them. I think they taste you know. I like integrating them. I just don't feel well when i eat them and i totally get it. You know coming from that background of not being healthy myself. I didn't even realize that. I had issues until james really was the one who brought it to my attention in. He brought up the fact that i would constantly say i have a stomach. I didn't even realize it at the time. I think it was just kind of natural after eating. I would always have stahnke pre plant based even when we first started plant based and so on my own kind of ideas type journey as while i've understood which foods are triggers for that and working with patients and working with clients over the last check eater or more. We've really started to understand that gut health can really be a hindrance to improving one's whether it's their weight that they wanna lose whether it's their glucose that they want to better manage their diabetes risk factors whether it's their cholesterol cancer risk factors no matter what it is adding more plants as always going to be a great

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