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Welcome back to me where we don't just to go falls deep husky jason. I'm sarah negree. Guess we'd all use a real last name. She's got a great bush. Y- i am thirty one thirty one. Wow you're so old. You need to train on a new model show literally tells me that every year on my birthday so romantic talk to keep it classy. Well we're here it's been we've been on a bit of a hiatus I had a kid. Congratulations thank you. Dna tests not back yet. So we don't know for sure exactly what you related to you. Yeah i know it ain't my brother but also we're celebrating yesterday with shiny bears birthday and today is shiny bear sarah university five years five years and she has been killed him yet. Whoever with the same woman whoever new forever would be salon. I had an idea So yeah it's been an interesting couple months but we're all back to party. Take her clothes off get relaxed. Yeah so we got a. We got an email in our absence from somebody named cassette sent us a couple of ideas for some topics and she also sent a joke of the day. Since we don't have a word of the day i'll do the joke and then we can We can See where the evening takes us. I also having drank in a long time so kind of a little space dow right now all right so before we start our topic and before we get my dna tests big joke of the day. This is for our friend. Pj what is the difference between a hockey player in a hippie What the hockey flour flower. The hockey player showers after three periods brutal. That's kind of disgusting. Because it's pretty funny. It's funny yeah. So it's been new with you guys. Besides anniversaries cancun can hospital baby making voyage there. Oh my god. Yeah well. I just had to have the jellies she just. She told him before we went that. I would not be responsible for what drunken sarah says she says. Gimme all the jellies. I gotta give them to. You gotta give jellies. You knew that that was your responsibility. I told you the ball was in your court. Yeah but then she was peacocking. Like there's a risk taking pictures with their ass hanging out on the balcony if you if you put the gel but hey maybe if you look at his ass. He was the one who was like. You're stand here. Let me take your picture. That's just a good boy. It's a nice. But i've seen it now. Offshore the people what they can have all instagram. seen it it's at sarah storm born thirty four. Still follow me. i'll i'll share it on our. Everybody can get some more listeners. Don't you look at moist. But you can slide into mediums. That reminds me ten dollars. A dm we you're saying earlier. Today's talking speaking. Then mos you at a bar today. Yes and you paid within use it or pay the tip within mo- yes and the strangest thing happened like ten minutes later. I don't know if any of y'all how this occurrence with someone else so my mo- tip in commented on it. And i'll just i'll just read it real quick some some lady Look that old. She looks older not very attractive. She's not worth being a sugar moment. Beggars can't be choosers sean. We're talking about money here. She said okay. Read the d. m. me if you're looking for a real sugar mommy to help you financially with the first payment of three thousand dollars in a weekly allowance of one thousand dollars. I'm not here Ask for gift cards or bank info. I do not ask for sex or nudes. Text me if you're interested in being my sugar baby and get spoiled to me your phone number. First of all is she from like lithuania. Who says sugar mommy. It's sugar mama. Yeah so english clearly is not her first language. I don't think so what picture look like already. Forgot some older not nice sh- unattractive. Ouch she if she's not asking for anything. It's worth attacks like. I was like the worst that can happen. She's not gonna like text you back virus. That'll probably find. Oh shit. that reminds me. i gotta fucking email. Did you click the link. No so i got an email. It is also do not attempt to call the police. And i was like oh so i opened it and it was like i have a video you of you that i got off the internet of you masturbating to a porn video. If you don't pay me three thousand dollars i'll contact you. Do not attempt to call the police. Or i'll put the video out. And all this stuff. And i was like laughing and i was like well she. Maybe there is a video with me. Masterpiece day i do. I do it with my phone. And then i was lake fuck it. I don't put put a veto me master battle fucking care. Feel sorry for some of my wife. Watches porn who. She's never going to see it. But i was just like obviously it was a click like your little thing probably just like like. I said like an automatic message. That goes out. If you vin mo- anybody within a certain mile radius of that person do it and see if you're interested in fighting and sugar. Mummy send us email to ponder de gmail.com. We'll send you a phone number and you can see if she's legit or if sean is doing it right now it's going to be like an automatic response said hey mommy currently podcasting i want five hundred bucks or whatever she sends you go far books if she if you no having a sleeper there. She wants more than that i get seventy percent. You can have with these heure. She is being your pimp man. Oh i sleep with sleep with girls who my wife can get money. You pour me a river sean. You really texting number okay. So is there an iphone rate. Good oh yeah did you want. What was that story sean. About my friend sean. The other sean. In the oh the other

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