A highlight from Episode 60 Replacements


Sixty-six but this is the journey of an unlikely few. Meet the bad batch. You're ready for this hunter. The leader in and out quickly and quietly brecca the broiler on this and all the acts tycoon the specialist. This is not a standard military operation. Echo the hacker. This great plan of yours looking really lousy about cross half the marksman away halted by genetic mutations rag tag band of close struggles facilities and choices will determine the fate in dangerous new galaxy. Welcome to episode sixty of radio free endo and the bad batch report where we catch up week by week with cling false nine hundred nine and their escape from the newly formed galactic empire. I'm jamie your host. A with me is my son chris. How're you doing chris. Yeah i'm really good. I was your we been now that this is a regular thing. It's not been too bad. Seems to really really super quick One episode to another petar. That's how these things go spice plus happing going around looking to all the little podcasts. The bingo non about this show and also been taking a page out your book by going onto stalwarts explained and stalwarts theory. Those guys get videos out literally on the same day as the the episode comes out all edited special effects everything and also Screen crushed a been really super quick by doing like a sixty east drags the in the episode. It's really quite good. I've been catching up with those long time to watch these videos this week. watched the episode twenty minutes before recording. This podcasts. says it's very fresh on my mind

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