A highlight from Ep 421 | When Culture's Confused, Christians Shouldn't Be | Guest: John Cooper


Hey guys welcome to relatable hope. Everyone is having a great day today. I am talking again to the lead singer of skillet jon cooper. He also is an author. He's a podcast. I've had him on the show before in the last episode that i had him on was super popular. You guys loved him so today. We're continuing that conversation. Talking about some new stuff is well and as much. You loved that i interview. You're going to love this one even more and i'm so excited for you to listen to it without further ado here. Is jon cooper. John thank you so much for joining me again. It's so good to be here you again. I love it. So good honors the best thing of twenty twenty one so far. Oh my gosh. Wow that is an honored to hear you say that. Well we're gonna talk about. We've talked about your book before. It came out but now that it's been out for a little while i wanna i wanna recap my audience on on what the book is. I haven't actually right in front of me why you wrote the book kind of what the reception has been and how you think it speaks to the cultural moment that we're in right now. Well that's so nice thank you. The book is awakened alive to truth. you know this because you you've written a book it's funny when you get it and you start recognizing all the typos. I know. i know i've been there. I know but no one else is i. you know. i've seen typos in my book. And no one else's ever brought up typo and so just understand that it's just you who notices maybe. Maybe it's like when you play on stage and being you know that you're hitting all those wrong notes and eleanor clift s screaming but We'll hopefully they're screaming if they ever go to concerts anyway but the point is the book is awakened alive the truth. I'm very passionate about this. This shift that has happened in the way. Not just in america but all over the world and the way we view what truth even is and i you know for a lot of people out. Say people generation. Xer boomers is taking a long time for it to under i understand. I'm forty five to understand what in the world was going on. Because we're not arguing about what is true. We are arguing about. Is there such a thing as absolute truth. And it's the way that that philosophy has entered into the church. Which is what i most passionate about. I mean i am passionate about it for the the implications to culture but the way it is infected. The church has been so heartbreaking. So i wrote this book to explain a few of the philosophies but also a path to eternal truth a truth that never changes that is fixed. And doesn't that sound good in a time of absolute volatility. Trust anything nobody knows what to trust. You are on the news. Like i don't know if i'm being fed ally. Everybody has their own conspiracy theories everybody has their own tribe because no one trusts any of the institutions. Doesn't it sound good to have a truth. That never changes. And i believe we have that in the word of god on the words of christ in the bible. So that's what this book is about. I really hope it. A string is people's faith. But i also hope it's evangelistic. People can read it and say. Oh my gosh there really is a truth. changes that i could build my life upon and i could be unshakable. That sounds really wonderful. And the truth christ is really wonderful. What do you say to people who say okay. Yeah that does sound all well and good. But i can't. I can't trust the bible. It was written by a bunch of men. How do i know that. Christianity is truth. Why can't i just live my truth. Why can't i just pick and choose from the different faiths and different worldviews. What sound good to me and build my life based on that is that more liberating. Isn't that more frene. Isn't that more solid and trustworthy. What are you. What do you say to that person. Who has those questions. I'll probably just say like look at the world. How's that working out. yeah i understand. i'm not mocking people who believe that because that is sort of logical right. I can't convince anybody that the bible is real. And i don't even have the power to do that anyway right. That's that power belongs to god of course but the point is is that i'm not mocking people for thinking that but i am saying. Hey open up your eyes take a look at the world. This is what happens when everybody believes they have their own truth. If you have your own truth and that means you will have your own justice. It's only logical. Because you'll i don't i don't careless somebody else says i don't care what they think. This is what i know to be true. If i know it in my heart in anything that i do to make it so would therefore be moral. So i guess it's wrapped up in this philosophy of postmodernism. that is just so it's so divisive in it just breaks. It breaks down inches down everything in culture that everyone agree the commonality and we see that a force in the church but we also see it in the world so that is the reason that no one can decide is burning building violence or not some people say yes.

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