A highlight from Author MJ Fievre and SVP, Multicultural Networks and Strategy, UP Entertainment Melissa Ingram

Black Girl Nerds


To talk about that. All and more on this episode of the black girl nerds podcast a sit back relax and enjoy. Welcome to the blogger. Earners how podcasts. Let me get it out correctly. I'm so excited. So i'm fumbling worse here. I'm yours brian. And this is so because we're talking all about these bad ass blogger. We have in this world band. S black women Women and girls. it don't know their bad asses. You and i have the head bat and charged with me. You guys i'm talking about. She is the bestselling author of the series back Bad ass girl. See i'm trying to see how many times i could say it's still tons wisdom. I feel i'm jay. How're you doing. I'm doing fantastic. I'm so happy to be here. You can't imagine and by the way you guys can't see this. But she got adult background. Like i would expect this from any rider books and everything bonner and see you and looking at your pumps trying to figure out which ones you love. No i know. They're so like i do have like a able to rene one back here like i never. I've ever got him on camera fully all the way like i need to have a little closer them but you know

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