The Army of the Dead Invades Netflix

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My friend. It is snyder's knob. Sorry not just. I teased everybody there. But zack ciders. Army of the dead is coming up this weekend on net flicks. I got a chance to watch the first fifteen minutes of it out on youtube and so far so good within. I know the reviews are okay but basically this is zack. Stars return to the zombie universe. His time spent in the dc universe which he may never go back to. but that's another story in itself. But zack snyder is mac. With the army of the dead starring date by teesta and a lot of other great cast members as well which name off here in a little bit but your thoughts on watching this movie eat is a spiritual successor to his dawn of the dead movie that he made in the early two thousands but it's not a direct sequel and it's still something a little bit different. It's like a heist film. Based in las vegas where they want to go ahead and steal. I think it's two hundred million dollars if i'm not mistaken out of a fault. One of the casinos in las vegas. Which where i'm at. But las vegas happens to be a controlled area where it's all walled off. Because of some zombies in fact the whole city is now infested islamise impact. The whole city is operatives. So i should be be right now because i'm in vegas but be that as it. May your thoughts my friend on watching army the debt this weekend. I know you said you and jamie are going to check it out. But your thoughts. On zack snyder. Returning to this universe. After his time spent with warner brothers ad dc

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