Julio Jones, Mattie Ryan And Corse discussed on The Gerry Callahan Podcast


I wanna get to shattuck your take on the the ethical Line here you know. Julio jones's shattuck your big football guy corse he is the backup tight end for the One of the best wide receivers in the nfl one of the best wide receivers ever. And he's with the atlanta falcons. He's been with his own career. He was there. When the falcons blue the twenty eight to three. He's a phenomenal receiver. I believe he's had three or four. Two hundred fifty ad receiving games. No one else has had more than one. I don't think he's just a incredibly productive receiver. He wants out no longer. Wants to play with mattie ryan and we weren't quite sure because he said he's a lunatic clearly. Didn't he say he wanted to play with cam. Newton wasn't there quote there. I don't know about that. But if he is then you have to question his sanity. Forget you know being emotionally paralyzed. That's being just completely out of your mind. If you wanna play with maybe wants to play with mac jones and you know. He can't admit he. Says cam newton until mack jones beats him out like in the third week of preseason but he gets a phone call from shannon sharpe and why anyone would take a phone call from shannon sharpe on me but beside the point and shannon shop doesn't tell him he's on the air and talks about getting traded of wanting to get traded and julio jones flat out admits i'm out of there he wants out of atlanta and leaves no doubt and you know he leaves no doubt because i don't think he thought this was actually on the record not only was on the record shattuck. It was on the air. We can tell me if you think this is ethical.

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