A highlight from Episode 197 - Maxmo Park


Songwriting. This is simon joins us always by brian and on the podcast. Today are two principal members of an english rock band from the northeast of england who i managed the u. k. Indie scene almost two decades ago in the years since they've produced an extremely solid body of work and recently released their seventh studio album. The tremendous nature always wins which was recorded remotely during lockdown with grammy-winning atlanta-based producer allen. We're very happy to welcome. Maximo park's principal songwriters. Singapore smith and guitarist dunkin lloyd to the show. Paul duncan join us for chat over zoom in early february. Twenty twenty one a couple of weeks before the album dropped and very nice. It was to talk to them. They both fine. Upstanding fellows ashore. Paul hails from stockton on tees county. Durham duncan is originally from darby. They studied art at university. Paul at newcastle. And don't connect northumbria after graduating. Conformed an embryonic version of the band with original bassist tico. Tom english and original keyboardist. Lucas will in two thousand and three. The guys decided that they needed to fully flights from and on the recommendation of tom's girlfriend. They asked paul who at the time was working as an art teacher and playing guitar in an instrumental band called me and the twins hall added his vocals. Some of the band's demos which would just what they were looking for an maximo park as the wide world came to know it was born. The pound eventually came to the attention of steve bekker's of warp records who promptly sign them all in spite of being a predominantly electronic label. Her maximo second single apply. Some pressure was a top twenty hits in eighty two thousand and five. They released their debut album. The make reprise nominated assent and trigge in two thousand and five produced by paul epworth. Follow two years. Later by the gil norton produced are at the pledges following two thousand and nine. Quicken the heart. The band took a well deserved break. From the grueling recording and touring treadmill retaining in two thousand twelve with the national health twenty four self produced too much information featured contributions from peace. And david bruce field music no strangers to this of course while twenty seventeen politically charged risk to exist was recorded. Wilko's love studio in chicago. Jeff tweedy is another of recent guests. Of course all roads lead back to us bright. Well like the kevin bacon of podcasts. He's been honest. Well august both being active outside of the bantu pole solo albums include margins in two thousand ten frozen by sites in two thousand fourteen with pizza. Bruce contradictions in two thousand. Fifteen don't construction on his own with seeing double in two thousand eight high. Oh you owe may in two thousand seventeen and outside notion in two thousand nineteen. He's with the projects. Include decade in exile. A non aquino checkouts playlist. But this episodes here trucks from the new album.

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