A highlight from Ep. 146 - Demand Transparency with a blue shirt with Jason Frank


They are the music theme for everything. We do here at social engineer. As well as neil fallon being one of the board members of the iowa which just makes him even a bigger goat than possible. You don't know what that means. Look it up. Okay anyhow and last but not least i mentioned the innocent lives foundation dot org. Check out the amazing team. They're the things that we're doing We just completed our three hundred and twenty seven case if you can believe that Just four years. We've been around going on for years and that five. Oh one c. Three works hard with law enforcement. Unmasked child predators. And we're doing a a great work. There's just check out the innocent la- innocent lives foundation dot or not the in the url. Let's get to the subject at hand. I am excited We this month we are. We are joined by jason frank. His has extensive background in helping both government and fortune one hundred organizations and has served as a course instructor for black hat security conference which is a really great You're going to be back there this year. You're going to be back there this year. So you can catch him there this year. He's currently the. Coo at spector ops where he's accountable for all execution of the company tasks and things that are overseeing there. He oversees adversary simulation. Love the fact that you're using that phrase. We'll talk about that too and detection. Delivery capabilities were helps clients to understand the and respond to adversaries. Jason we cannot thank you enough for coming on the show. Absolutely chris yeah i'm ryan's counterpart for specter ups can make the gears run where in a smaller company have many hats that we wear finance legal non fund stuff but then occasionally allowed to go out and actually talk to clients. Which is my favorite just exit ryan. I hear this same. Exact speech from ryan almost weekly. I wonder if i should just exit stage left here and you guys could just talk it. Sounds you are ryan's counterpart for inspector ops. You know i wanna get. I really wanna. I don't wanna forget i'm gonna touch on this adversarial simulation thing but i wanna i wanna get your background. Just tell us how. How did you get to where you are now. I mean you look like you're fifteen years old so this background seems really extensive. I mean look really young. So how the heck are you where you are right now. Yeah you know It's it's it's kind of interesting. I when i was in school. I i went to penn state the degree behind me and at the time Offensive security was very nascent. Subject like it was. It was something at the allegation had. Cdc's yet so there were a lot of universities that They didn't even want to acknowledge the field because they were worried about liability. And you know retraining hackers sue. You know all kinds of stuff so there is a competition. I think it was one of the first ones out of the university of california. Santa barbara Where school to school competition yet to set up a firewall. Vpn tunnel attack.

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