The Key Role CFOs Play in Making Profitable Pricing Decisions with Steve Rosvold

Impact Pricing


What i wanna do is talk about. Cfo's today and i want. I want to learn more about how they think. And hopefully you can share that with us before you met me. How did you think. Cfo's thought about pricing. You know. I think certainly in the past and frankly when i was the last. Cfo job ahead with seven or eight years ago. And you know it's a cost plus it's looking at margin. Cfo's have been focused on the cost side of the business and the margin side of the business so they looked at the top line but only relation to the margin. And i think when we first met not long ago the whole idea of value pricing is really interesting. And it's something the cfo's a travel through having a more valuable contribution to their companies are having understand pricing for more of a perspective than just cost plus or an hourly rate or even fixed rate. And so that's a really attracted me to your work at impact pricing because you really preach the value of pricing and how to increase. I think that's a great place for cfo's to start adding an increasing their value to the companies. I certainly agree with that. Of course we published an article on. Cfo university on your site. What two three weeks ago now. Something like that. Have you heard anything different from. Cfo's have they have gotten excited of they said. Hey this is a way. I wanna thank in the future. I think almost totally. It's been a positive where the hard part comes in is. How do we do it. This value based pricing. How do i have an influence on that. And how do i create that value for the company so yeah it had very positive but the question mark remains for the cfo and you hit it on the head. We're very focused on cost. We maybe don't understand value well enough when it comes to pricing products and services. So that's where the quandary for us we want to get there. We're not sure how so. That's why i'm so excited to have you as part of one of our contributing to see if what i university because you can teach i think so much to our to our members and the cfo community at large so very popular article people they want to be able to create that value and help companies influence in a positive way and so it was really a really positive from its acceptance. Now there's the big education piece. How do we get there.

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