Task-Level vs. Project-Level Thinkers: Finding the Right People for Your Business


Thing i want to cover is something i've covered briefly danced around it and qna episodes but it's around hiring folks with different mindsets. And most specifically i think of name for this but i think of it. As a task level thinker project level thinkers and owner level fingers and back in the day when i was hiring virtual assistants. Fresh off the four hour workweek. This is what two thousand seven or eight. I realized i could try to replace myself by hiring five dollar an hour virtual assistant in the philippines and they were very much task level. I would record a screen cast and it would take me thirty minutes to upload it to website and then send it to them this before. Loom it all those things. But i could outsource some i guess some rudimentary truly just repeatable tasks almost things you could. You could almost automate with code. But maybe they would take too long to do or things that were just easy to throw into google doc or a screen cast and so for years i operated with task level thinkers and the i was happy as a basically a solo procure with seven or eight. I think actually peaked at nine contractors. Who are helping me. This is different. You know folks who were doing design work folks who are doing administration folks who were doing email support developers and it was like all right. Here's your next task to take care of this. But what i realized is i was then doing all the owner level thinking which was longer term stuff and the project level thinking which was okay. This project need there's project management right. It's like this project needs seven things to happen. So now i get to manage all those people and that was fine when i was small. That was fine before. I wanted to grow multimillion dollar company but there was a turning point for me. Let's say it was around. Twenty ten twenty seven where hired a couple of people who were more practicable thinkers and they themselves i could hand an entire project and they would then other resources for me or they would just do the whole thing themselves because they were essentially full stack employees a developer term. I think most of you know it but as someone who can who can design and who can code and it can do database work and maybe even devops work but if someone who has a multitude of skills and that's when i realized oh this is the achievement unlocked here and this is why when folks do raise a lot of funding. They will hire individual contributors. Who you could say well. They're thinking about their own task. But you'll also you're able to afford Thinkers which i was not able to afford prior to that point because i never had a business that generated income

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