Atlanta Hawks-New York Knicks Series Preview

The Free Agents


Let's get to the four or five nacho. This one is interior. Going to be a lot more entertaining. Probably the one. Eight matchup gets underway. Knicks hawks sunday at seven pm eastern on live from madison square garden. The best place you could ever go to watch a basketball game. The knicks swept the season series. A couple of those games. You know nate. Mcmillan wasn't even the coach so they were earlier in the year but keys to the series before we get to our predictions for nick's hawks. Trade started on this one. Well i think. Julius randle has an opportunity and a strong chance at being the best player in this series. He was incredible against the hawks. During the year in three games he was over thirty points per game to forty point games. He had a game winning tip as well. Clearly i'm tap dancing right now. I'm trying to pull up these splits here. You know you mess around with your tabs so much during a show it just throws the was saying julius randle thirty seven points per game. Twelve rebounds six assists. He had the game winning tip as well. He dominated the hawks this season. There's no doubt about it. They just don't have a great matchup for him though. We'll talk about some things. They're gonna do a little bit later on. I'm sure but i do think randall is going to produce at the very least the question will be. Where do the knicks. Then get all of their other points. They've had some great shooting this season. They got five guys shooting better than forty percent i think. Derrick rose has a chance to have a really good series here but skeets. I was listening to your podcast with l g do set on the. I meant you were talking about guys. Who have tyler hero. Potential somebody to explode in the playoffs who also has a cool factor. Let me offer you. Rj barrett my pick for this season's tyler hero forty percent from three during the season. Hit some big shots late. He was at forty seven from three point line for the last two months of the season. He really heated up. the shot. seems real. And i don't know he seems like a bit of a cool customer after getting called out by anthony edwards gimme rj barrett to be the secondary star for the knicks in this series. Because they've got to figure out a way to get to basically one hundred points

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