A highlight from Protecting Intellectual Freedom (Part 2)


Two hundred and twenty today for may seventeenth twenty twenty one Before we get to part two of our interview. I've got three really fun announcements so First of all. I just had the podcast. Tables flipped on me. I was interviewed on someone. Else's podcast. I will be a guest on our bites. Podcast called lock and code. That i believe will air next monday. I'll let you know for sure when when it is an up. Put a link to the show notes. Of course it's hosted by guidon. David reese who has been on my podcast. I went back and looked several times Maybe as many as john graham coming. I was surprised that i'd had him on so many times but he was at the f. f. That's where i first met him and then he moved onto our bites. I had him on the show when he was about our bites and got to talk and recently and decided we would flip the script. And so now i am the guest and he interviewed me for his podcast with a lot of fun. We had a talk about dark. Patterns was the was the subject matter so anyway. That'll that'll be coming out soon. Definitely check that out when it drops and my second fund but a news is. I am officially going to defcon twenty nine. That is the hacker conference. That's annual held in las vegas. It was not held last year. I think maybe. I guess they did. Virtual last year to covid now is actually planning to go. Last year is my first one. This is always what a bucket list thing for me. I've been wanting to go to defcon for manny. Manny manny years. I tried to get try to get cisco to send me and could never quite quite get them to pay for that trip. It was a little bit a little little different boondoggle. I really wasn't in the security group. It was kind of hard to justify so But now i'm going. I bought my registration. Normally they do not register at a time. Normally it's cash the door because they for privacy reasons they don't want your information but because of covid and some of the precautions are going to have to do this year. They really needed a solid headcount so this year they're doing registration. And i just registered cannot wait. I bought some swag got my hoodie. What could be more official. That a hacker hoodie From defcon so. Anyway i'm super psyched. I'm are actually. I'm really hoping that. I'm gonna get a chance to meet some of the guests that i found on the show. I mean i've met very very few of the people i've interviewed in person. It's always been remote in fact many times. I've even seen them. Because it's been audio only even locally. I'm not we don't use video to try to save bandwidth so doesn't eat into the audio quality so i've never met or even seen a lot of my guests so anyway. Some of those people would definitely be the kinds of people that would go to a defcon conference. So i'm hoping to baby bump into those people out there and have a drink. That would be great now. It's going to be limited this year. I guess it's going to be a hybrid conference so it'll be a little different. Actually i think that might not be a bad way to go for the first time if it's a little less crowded maybe and a little little a little more contained the i don't know what to expect but If i like it this year. I'm sure i'll go again next year and get the full on experience. Of course next year will be defcon thirty. So i'm sure it's going to be a huge party so Yeah that that. That's the by really looking forward to it. Can't wait finally. And of course the highly collectible security enhancement device. I wish that made a really cool acronym but it doesn't need to actually come up with a funding for this thing and it will be announced in one week. Come hell or high water. It is long long since time. This thing debuts And i cannot wait for it to be out there and for you to hear all about it and The website just gotta come with it which anybody can use. But i'm reserving these highly collectible items For patrons if you're already a patron by the way i will make sure that you can have access to these as well. Certainly my longtime patriots. But i'm also into uses to attract brand new patrons and they're just i think they're super cool so

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