How To Sort Your Saggy Neck Skin

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Going to answer a question that was left on the pod. Fine hi lean. Kelly are really loved the big fan. I put a question for you. I'm approaching forty. And i'm from saggy skin under my neck. Is there something i can do about that. He's their treatment. I can undertake or is this in products that traits saggy skin or should i just embrace growing old gracefully. Thanks very much cheese by. Ken relate to saw approaching. Forty thing to the. Let's say you don't have sagging exc. Excuse me approaching forty s. i'm nine and also in case you missed it just recently. Mama mia launched employees which is our membership platform and on their kelly. And i do a video version of the podcast questions. We do spend savy a lot of fun. It's so much fun. But carolina will watching videos back today and there's a lot of turning to the side and shutting to each other like boys like. Oh my gosh. Nah is also like because you know when you're looking at a fight are you generally poisoning ahead of the angle. But there was just. There was a lot of bush turkey. More struck support the bus after. Like we want to get a little injections to dissolve the nick. Exactly i'm going to talk about the so you say should you seem brace it yes. Of course you should absolutely. Unfortunately these area gets relax. Gravity does things but there are a few things you can do if you want to really seriously tackle it if it's causing drama and you'd want to get rid of it you can have to do something and sell on. I will talk about products. Salmon it but you're going to have to go and have something relatively hectic if it's not just like a little bit of yet extra whatever yes no product is gonna taught in that shit up so you can have their marriage specifically skin tightening. It can be done on the face area the body. It's really good on the neck so look that up. I'm not gonna go into the very specifics. Because these are expensive and while they technically it on invasive then not just a a quick facial. Exactly you could have a thread lift. Kelly's had trades. Actually did you have it in your neck. I want to though now. Yeah well. I wanted to work up the courage on. I'll just let them shove whatever. And so threads essentially tiny threads for lack of a better word and collagen rushes to them and kind of replaces the threat they dissolve and collagen takes place and then it rejuvenates the area so they kind of inserted into the face in different areas. And in the nick that can be used to

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