Rep. Banks Says Pelosi Must Answer Questions About Capitol Security


Nancy pelosi has broken a few norms by kicking you off the kangaroo commission for the ridiculous january sixth thing what are you guys going to do exactly the kind of vengeance. It's necessary to deter this kind of norm destruction in the future. Well that's a great question for first and foremost where we're going to have a press conference here about a half an hour. The group that she or that that kevin mccarthy rather appointed to serve on the committee that she rejected as you said this has never happened before completely unprecedented in congressional history for the leader of one party to reject the appointments to a select committee from the other parties. So i suppose. I'll be an asterik in history when it comes to that but as far as the as far as the topic at hand the reason that nancy pelosi targeted a rejected me and jim jordan because we were beginning to ask the questions this she did not want this committee to head toward answering. What questions on am i talking about. Specifically about why. The united states capitol was vulnerable on january. Six to begin with when there was intelligence report three weeks before january six that told the told the capitol police that something was going to happen that day. Why why did the leadership of the capitol. Police failed to act on that intelligence. And and why didn't they do anything about it. But by the way when you look at the leadership structure of the united states capitol and the oversight of the of the united states capitol police. The speaker of the house says more authority than anybody. So all of this happened on nancy. Pelosi's watch and and those are the questions. Jim jordan and i started asking about about those vulnerabilities why nothing was done about it and those are questions. That clearly doesn't want to doesn't want to answer.

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