Gov. Newsom Says, “We Don’t Need Masking. Just Get Vaccinated”


Gavin newsom has mandated masks for all state employees except get this teachers. Teachers get an exception. I wonder why. Teacher's union i don't understand how teacher's union it just seems really a teacher's union cash. I just i just don't see it. I just don't know his thought process teacher's union governor gavin newsom gavin. Newsom is also guilty. Of what i propose making a new federal crime which is stupid analogies because i see way too many dumb people making bad analogies and thinking. They're smart about it. Let's go to gavin on. Cut number eight look. We don't even have to have that debate if we can just get everybody vaccinated. That's not vaccinated. That's refusing to get vaccinated this living vaccine free and impacting the rest of us. It's like drunk drivers. You don't have the right to go out and drink and drive and put everybody else risk including your own life at risk california's one of the highest vaccination rates in america. But yet we're still seeing an increase because so many people twenty five percent california are refusing to get vaccinated so we're really trying to focus on ending this pandemic once and for all those non pharmaceutical interventions like face coverings and face masking where necessary in the absence of vaccines but with these paxton's but we can extinguish virus once and for all and get it behind us and not worry about getting our kids safely by you. Shut up god. What an idiot. I can't deal with this guy okay. The vaccine is a good thing i have. I have taken the vaccine the that it will stop. The virus completely is a false idea. You can still get it. Otherwise why would we bat vaccine. People have to wear masks.

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