Moving With the Absence of Judgment


Giving talks over zoom. I had my first in person speaking engagement at a local unity church although it was over stimulating for me to be in a room filled with so many people in live music after such a long stretch of peaceful solitude. I somehow managed to maintain composure. And keep my cool. Transitioning back into social events is going to be a gradual exercise for me. I had one event this month. There are two next month and then half a dozen that involves some travel the month after that while some people have anxiety about businesses opening up again distance travel restrictions being lifted and facemasks no longer being a requirement in some areas. There are also many people who are excited to get back out there to socialize and mingle let's be gentle and understanding with one another check with someone if they are open to hugging before assuming that they are and honor. Everyone's comfort level prior to my talk on sunday. The minister said our life. Experience is directly affected by our mythology. This got me thinking about what a difference perspective can make when it comes to our ability to love everyone on the one hand a friend recently told me he believes in our human nature to judge others and that my entire premise of non judgment is therefore idealistic and unrealistic. Wife fight nature. Is my friends. Go to reasoning for humans being so selfish on the other hand. The dalai lama says that love is the absence of judgement. So what's in question is no longer whether or not we can love freely. It is suddenly a discussion about us. Judging compulsively it doesn't matter if loving or judging is in our inherent nature because we aren't concrete and nothing is permanent only fixed above all else it's ultimately in our nature to evolve like all beings so we are not limited restricted or confined by our past. We are shaped but what we decide to do. In the

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