The Hate-Crime Conundrum

The Experiment


Okay so where do you wanna start. So why don't we start in march back in march there is this shooting atlanta. Think we all remember it. It was percents completely horrifying. Police in georgia are investigating a series of deadly shooting said took place in the atlanta area. Eight people were killed. Authorities say many of them were women of asian descent. Now police have arrested one man who is white. But they haven't said anything about a motive yet this guy. He wanted three different spas agent in spas in atlanta. He shot eight people. Six of them were asian women and one of the things that happened was that there was this press conference matter mayor where start off with chevron's from cherokee county police re talking about the investigation and the fact that they've been getting a lot of questions about you know. Was this a hate crime many. We've received a number of calls about. Is this a hate crime. We're still early in this investigation So we cannot make that determination at this moment. The detectives involved in this case. Were not coming out and calling it a hate crime and that was upsetting a lot of people. But i think what really set people off was when the spokesman said that the shooter told detectives that he shot these people not because of racial hatred but because he was struggling but sex addiction. We still early but he does claim that it was not racially motivated. He apparently has an issue what he considers a fiction and sees these liberal. How do people respond to that something. I think some people thought maybe the police department was giving credence to this claim and also the idea that it was a sex addiction does seem so ludicrous on its face

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