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Happy broncos media tuesday. The season is upon us. And that means the broncos daily podcast is back. I thought i was going to take a week off. I ended up taking more time off. Certainly gave you plenty of the shelby. Harris shell-shocked podcast and i'm a part of every week and i hope you're checking that out. You telling your friends about if you haven't yet please go find it wherever you're listening to this podcast. You can certainly find. Shell shock but during the season. That's really gonna heat up because we're gonna be talking to shelby's teammates we're gonna be talking to opponents. We're going to talking to people that cover lead around the league we're gonna we're gonna have you covered every single week. That's why shelby wanna do. It was to talk about the game during the season about what happened that maybe wasn't necessarily as well explained or whatever it may be because you can't always get what you need in a six or eight minute interview on the phone with a player or in a ten minute press conference so this will allow for a little more in depth conversation with a broncos player during the bronco season. I'll take you inside the locker. But i will get you ready for your broncos day. What's training camp is over the way. I'm going to do it now. Because i want to. Use the freshest sound and rather than making you wait all the way until the morning to start your morning and then they practice at nine fifteen after practices done in this case after the barbecue. I'm going to do what i need to do. Getting the sound ready to use on. Koa and handle all my responsibilities air. Then i'm going to lay down the podcast every afternoon so your afternoon workout or even early next morning or late night whatever. Maybe that's when you're going to get your daily dose of the broncos daily podcast until we get done with the preseason then. It'll switch back to the schedule. I was definitely on in two thousand nineteen and it was kind of sporadic and twenty twenty like everything with cove it but the plan is once precedes over. We will get into a daily routine or it hits you in the morning but right now every afternoon to early evening the broncos daily podcast is going to come out. And it'll be up wherever you get your podcast wherever you're listening to the sell one of the biggest takeaways as the broncos open training camp. I guess we have to hit the rewind button before we get into what happened today. And we'll and we'll go do what happened in green bay which happened a little earlier than the broncos reported. Because we're just when i saw it on social media with time difference aaron rodgers in green bay as i think mark murphy even said yesterday that he was already there he shows up at camp. He's going to be a bra. Sorry he's gonna be packer at least for a year. And then we'll see what happens with. Aaron rodgers does shawn watson. There's a little more. I guess uncertainty about his future because he still doesn't want to be in houston by all accounts. They're open to moving in but they want top top dollar for a kid that talented but because of the twenty two twenty. Three civil suits against him. That i don't think are even going to get hurt until february. It's gonna be a sticky situation kind of all the way around so you have to deal with what's here and now and by joel today. So here's who talked in order. George peyton vic fangio. Joe ellis then portland sudden von miller. That was the the five speakers at the broncos media barbecue then we got to have some barbecue provided by uc health. And then thanks to ford. And the broncos. I won an rc. Car race. Beating ryan edwards. Nick griffith benjamin albright romi bean among others. The fastest racer was me. I got this huge trophy. I posted on social media. And then i got to keep the rc car to which My soon to be three year old is going to be thrilled about when he gets to see that so but joel's even asked about the shawn watson today and he said i can't talk about a player under contract because it was basically you're talking around the ownership stuff it was. Hey would you sign off on this. And he wouldn't even really go there but that he's happy with do quarterbacks and so now as we shift to the broncos that's what the main conversations going to be weakened get into portland sutton von miller coming off injuries. And if you go to denver broncos dot com or eric delilah twitter and again. That's eric with as well. My most recent guests Before we took a little summer break on the broncos daily podcasts. eric pulled a bunch of cover. The team and we voted for superlatives. I don't know of any of the ones i picked actually made it. One of my comments about vaughn got in there under bradley chubb a but nonetheless it was breaking down who you think. The best offensive defensive. Mvp breakout player. All of that. And so you can go. You can go check that out but when regardless of how you look at anything as it relates the cortlandt coming back vaughn coming back position battles at right tackle for cornerbacks for essentially three spots on most downs. Despite what vic fangio tell you about how how many. Db's you need. I know throughout the season you do. But we're just talking game one against the giants you're probably not gonna play four corners every single down and then the center battle with lloyd cushenberry kettani. Muti push graham glasgow. Lakers marion in quin minors. The d. line rotation. Behind the three starters the roy jones going to potentially make all of that is exciting. We'll break it down day in day out but we know on the eve of camp. Starting in the rookies all ten of them. Sign plus the draft gaspar all ten of the draft pick signed and then the the. Qb's not just through lock. Teddy bridgewater amber But also by rip and they were all in the buildings. Saturday we know. Couple rookies in carry vincent junior the seventh round. Lsu and jomar johnson. The fifth round safety out of indiana both on the kobe reserve list. They tested positive. Contact tracing don't know what But know that they're going to be in code protocol for awhile. All of that is all well and good buddy yet on the eve of training camp and when you're listening to this can't may have just started. Be starting practice nine fifteen on wednesday. It's all about the quarterbacks so let's start there with general manager. George pay because of the first question he was asked. How excited are you to see this quarterback competition. Really unfold very confident. Both quarterbacks thought they had

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