Future Work in Local Food Production


We have a serious food problem. And according to the international monetary fund the price of food has skyrocketed from a low point during the pandemic lockdown in april twenty twenty food. Prices have increased a whopping forty seven percent. And if you shop weekly like i do. Then you've certainly felt the pinch our once. Reliable agricultural model scaled a food pipeline driven on abundant water supplies millions of acres of rich farmland a huge supply chain and cheap labor the pandemic and climate change destroyed that model to feed the nation in the world we must pivot to a new economic model that supports future work in local food production and jobs and local food will support millions of people in need and their communities. Here are some key considerations for supporting future work in local food production first food that travels long distances to grocers loses its nutritional value instead growing local food ensures. That consumers are better fed and that leads to better health outcomes especially in so-called food. Deserts second agribusiness draws billions of gallons of water from sources before consumers can get their supply however parts of california are into their twenty first year of extreme water scarcity by contrast local food producers use water more conservatively and a local food system enables more people in need to access clean water even when water supplies are low third local food. Production can provide good jobs to people entering the workforce. It also doesn't require advanced degrees to do and work skills. Needed are often easy to learn and adopt

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