Why 'How to Be Happier' With Professor Laurie Santos Is the Most Popular Course at Yale



Guest is yale professor of psychology. Laurie santos. Laurie taught psychology. And the good life. I in spring two thousand eighteen in response to concerning levels student depression anxiety and stress on campus. It became the most popular class in. Yale's history next core. Sarah offered the course online calling at the science of wellbeing and to date over. Four hundred thousand people have taken the course laurie. Santa's has definitely hit a nerve. The good news is that we have a lot more control over our happiness levels than we might think. Laurie talks about the fact that happiness is like a leaky tire and happy. People know how to fill up the tire when it starts to deflate. It's not fixed. She says and there are many simple behaviors and practices. We can do to impact it. She talks about how we can put the science to work in our lives. Now here's laurie. Laurie santos it is so great to have you on untangled today. I'm so excited about this topic. Thanks for having me. Let's start with this question of and know you get asked this all the time. But why is this course. The most popular course at yale like what's happening in our world that this kind of course becomes the most popular course. Yeah i mean. I think it's just that students are voting with their feet. You know i mean what we see on college. Campuses cruzi outfit not specific yell. Lots of college campuses is that students are facing this mental health crisis over forty percent of college students naturally report being to punch in most of the time over sixty percents that you're over one really and over twelve percent stated they have seriously considered suicide in the last year right with more than ten percent right so i'd a want an answer to what they should be doing. Better in sam iodate society everything. Which hot isn't giving them great ideas about what they can do. Better as. I think they saw this. This idea of scientific which leads to they can't really went for it or numbers that we totally didn't expect was surreal on campus. To have over a thousand students. Shopping the class in trying to figure out where eventually we have to teach the course in concert hall so it was a little overwhelming. But i think they really want solutions. They don't like is culture films overwhelmed.

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