American Greatness Editor Chris Buskirk: Election Fraud Is Easier Than You Think


Chris a friend of mine former white house colleague former co host of one of our podcasts. We call him a baron. Coined this phrase the freight train of audits across the nation. Is that accurate. Is that wishful thinking. You've been following this you and your team very closely at american greatness. It looks like something is happening. Now i think so. Yeah i mean. I think that the to what big odd is that people need to be paying attention to fulton. County down in In georgia and then. Of course the maricopa county audit here in phoenix. The ones that are are have progressed furthest. If you look at fulton county. I mean just to just to take one example of the joy. Say curious things that they have discovered down there what they what some people refer to as the so-called pristine ballots which are absentee ballots. Were counted in the in the count. After the election. They were sent in in theory. They were sent in As early ballots absentee ballots but in order to send them in. You have to hold them to get them into the envelope. These so called pristine ballots. Were never folded. There's no free. So where did they come from. It's these types of questions that keep coming off. See this i in arizona as well this this is why i have no time for those who want to waste precious energy on computer viruses. Data's femmes in italy and blah blah blah. When you've got thousands of unfolded mail in ballots. I think that's the thing you should with. I right chris absolutely right. I've been saying this is back in november. And you don't have to come up with some some very arcane Theory for you know something like a thriller on a netflix movie or something to see where where there were weaknesses in the in the system and where fraud could have. I mean again. I'm saying go back to the in the last year. You just have to look at the way people usually do. Election fraud right. I mean it's very very rudimentary. I mean you do things like come up with extra ballots and you just make sure that they get counted. You get control of the people who are doing the counting you know. It's these sorts of things that we That we have seen as just good old-fashioned ballot-box stuffing and i'm not trying to make light of it. But i'm just saying you don't need to have server farms all over the country you can just have people in place in ki key counties or and keep precincts and the next thing you know you have put your candidate over the top and i think that some of the things that we have been seeing coming coming out of these Coming out of these. Audits i mean that fulton county audit is really really amazing.

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