‘It’s Not the Government’s Job To Protect Anyone’


Morning. Steve doocy strongly earned viewers get vaccinated. Brian kilmeade insisted. It's not the government's job to protect people who listen if you didn't get a backsaw nation. That's your choice if you did like i did. And and they did. And maybe you did then. You should not wear a mask and if you didn't if you wanna go cliff diving squeak you don't have to check with me. It seems a little dangerous. But i'm not going to judge you and if you go ahead and put yourself in danger if you feel as though this is not something for you. Don't do it but don't affect my life. Maybe ninety nine percent of the people who are dying from. Kobe are unvaccinated choice. They don't want to die so they are. The administration and the government is saying we need the mass mandate to protect the ambassador and that that is not. That's not their job. It's not their job to protect any bottle. Yeah if the government was supposed to protect you have an apartment for like the department of defense or

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