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Hollow there will coming onto these sweet spot racing posts. Weekly gold show briefly joined this week by joe champion. Steve promised okay breath bite from sweet spot live. We had some great fun on sunday. Talking it through the final round. The thank you so much. We had fantastic audience. Figures definitely looking to do that again. Meanwhile back to the regular stuff this week and what is looking back on the open and an amazing collapsed in the american event us. We can't joe is armed with pitch for three events. We've got european tour action. We back in action over in america. And we've also got one of the most significant ladies events and if you really want exotic and start doing stuff on h. Y. lucky fifteen's. There's also the senior british open but urge our hasn't had a chance to look at that so he's not trump muggy off with any tips that he hasn't researched properly cut. Joe first of all. How did your open tips. Goal as i think. You like steve. Bruce onion was obviously perks. Took place in the end so that was good news for also like winning. Today will take place from where he was going into. Sunday and jordan was mild on kind of maine. Picks oversleep bit disappointing but overall looking tournament from a passing. Good well done A novus you'll super sub because your parents is when you've been stunning since they've been spectacular so you're under all sorts of pressure to deliver the good sisley call. America with that was a hell of an exhibition. Wasn't joel mini. just put it to bed. He was relentless. Just a out use seasoned use titan. Didn't he really was just finding. Fairways is fantastic. Arm play was was getting great positions on the grains any hope clutch pot so many it was good wasn't an twenty four. He's got some future as night. Yeah he's a wonderful player isn't as you mentioned. His iron play on. Not really is the key to his game just so it's my was clear of anyone else. i think. Probably the best lion player we've seen since tiger woods in my opinion and putting is the problem with our car isn't it but he was brilliant. On sunday i kept thinking he was going to miss the letting spaeth and he just never daddy was holding in fifteen minutes to saipa. One point make birdies when he is really ought to stop a very difficult to say. He's gonna stop call when he did not kind of vying. The greens rules and georgia's slow at laughing. That probably helped him and it him. He got donnie. Never really losing on done. Think he's gonna be fool teacher again anytime soon is he. Space is almost. The opposite wasn't a spates states. See why would the taste. I can't get himself in trouble but it's just an amazing competitor is in. This is the year of the spaeth. Comeback is now. I think he's gonna be in contention loads now isn't it. Yeah it's great to say. He's one of my favorite place to walk exciting. You mentioned on the sweets about live but he gets a few lucky breaks. But yeah as steve mentioned. You just got such a good golfing. Brian does things a mrs in the areas even when thousands long time and it's great to see him back to something near as best. I still think that's probably a bit more to come from him. But he's very close to winning another major and lots of while channel gusta in april. Yeah absolutely. I mean news type announcing that. That's full top threes in the last five majors which is an incredible effort. Isn't it. there were a lot of people sign each other. I don't think he showed mean. I think people use that that labor little bit to freeze he just i. I don't know whether the just doesn't go. That other gear that you need to go to. But he's still someone who in a win. The majors come in again next year. If you're looking at top five top ten twins in particular each particularly with extra places. He's going to be on everyone's right doesn't it. Yeah thanks. I am playing america this week. Louis so i was thinking majors. You can back him and expect place but you wouldn't touch him anywhere else. But he's just a major. Mattie comes to the policy when the when the pressure is on his final rounds he hasn't got it done but he didn't really lose it against mickelson. He didn't really hit that one left. When ron wanda ron really went out and took it from him and morikawa he wasn't gonna real him in unless he played brilliantly around he didn't play terribly. He didn't try got zinc but he just didn't win on these unfortunate. I have another chance and they'll be looking at saint andrews next year as well aware. Of course he's never been in a in over seventy two hall was he lost iwon and then he lost a playoff there and johnson one. So he's an out for not next year. Absolutely what did you make the big johnny rahm. Because on sunday always seoul was him just burning the holy gave himself so many chances. If patty larkin king he might just put some pressure marco. Yeah he's just an incredible golfer. Jon rahm we've seen time and time again in recent weeks. Just how good. He is a really lost it on the i. I didn't need a slow start. You can win from that position. But when you're up against someone like mara collared into fifteen on. There is very difficult but yeah he really started his claws over the weekend. A one thing i thought about it was a pretty decent. Rahm pie was pretty. Dismal lighting for europeans Butch rod cut proc- shouldn't get four to six american hung soil whistling straights. Sebastian thinks i yet but We had this before when it comes to the americans that squad always look so strong and then the rams gonna have to play his boots and hold hoaglund. Nothing could be a big plan but we dine out how he's gonna get his cup debut The us squad is much stronger than the europeans on on piper. As i say we we said that before it at our member in france. Everyone louis the. Us were not ashamed Definitely a team to be. And then you're when wipe the floor of the main food six on Tempting any other plans to note from the open. I think some of the younger guys shuffler. He acquitted himself really well on his Open championship debut. He's obviously a plan to walk. She looks like every week. He plays well on the page. Why belong before he wins and it probably won't be long before he wins a major as well if he keeps going the way. Guiding up both mcintyre as well played very well He's actually going to the. Us this week is good jobs to get his pj toll. 'cause probably doing the right thing that in times of his future development or like may be detrimental to his chances of making the ryder cup squad. Okay let's just turn attention quitting to the bava so which a few people if you won't completely go down after the open might have had an interest in. I went to sleep with jetty. Poston four clear looking at say drilled. It and i'd laid in short price one cup in the morning and lo and behold is blown it. What happens yeah. He really had a shock turned down. The ah down the back nine. I did exactly the same thing as you. Bruce to there is a long di in the open. And then i went to bed with posted. Cruising in any seven double bogeyed the paw the fifteenth which. I mean when you go that free four as you might get away of it when you go. Shameless power chasing down. A really should be applauded for how he's played over the last few weeks and it's a bad loser told him really when you're selling control up Like off his thing didn't it blew the playoff folks spectacularly didn't they. Yeah yeah i can say is just by cost management when you've got the lead in seventy two hours like leasing appliance walden faint.

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