A highlight from 147: Grant Vanderbilt!


Thanks i love a podcast. Oh yeah yeah. I'm super excited to have you on. I'm excited to be here is a lot of excitement. The people listening excited. And we're gonna talk about icons because as you mentioned you love an icon. I love an icon wearing michael jordan. Yeah i'm not a huge sports fan. But i think that michael is like the biggest icon from the male sports world for me. Yeah absolutely. i love sports stories. I never wa- like watching the games backstage reality stuff of all that love. It love real sports and hbo always liked watching that. What is it. oh. I don't know if it's on anymore real sports with bryant gumbel On hbo they would do stories. On for instance lenny dykstra. Who ended up having this crazy post career career as basically a swindler interesting. Yeah he would get people all riled up that he somehow knew something about investments and he kind of did basically a ponzi scheme. Okay but i love stuff like that especially when it's like a celebrity that sort of pulls the wall over the is yeah same but having something about real sags on death right like the same kind of like realm it was. I think they had a whole patch of those. There was real sex real sports. Sure what else they tried. I loved real sex derail sex. That's the first time i ever saw the people that dress up like the horses and have like the hooves brownies. Yes yes it was. That was a whole eye opening experience. Yeah 'cause there'd be three segments on that and one of them would be sort of tame and then one would-be like that we have. Wow what i imagine cable was a bit of an eye-opener forever. Young house curious mind. Well my my grandparents had this thing where they could like gel break. I think that's what they called it. A satellite so as a completely illegal of course but like they had every channel that was offered so like. They're like any package. It was like everything was available. Everything and the satellite thing in the south is is still a big thing right. Yeah everyone has who doesn't have direct. Tv i mean i haven't had i haven't had cable as an adult in my entire life will direct. Tv is the best of all the options. I think because the picture quality because it goes right to the thing that little dish and then it's in your house. I mean to me. It's the best. Although i haven't had cable in forever either i have a what do you call it. roku roco. But it's like tv smart. The other ones bits slow but it but has a little box. Whatever one of those legs paramount plus yeah. Hbo max i mean. What else do you need. No not much. The movie selection on hbo. Max was shocking. I don't know anyone that just like has regular cable. That doesn't isn't like country. Like south maybe mid western. What movies for you. what. There's so much i know you're fan. But what are some key ones when you were growing up Cruel intentions of my life. i remember watching that. Lick the sixth grade. And it completely. Morphed how i was going to navigate high school. I love showgirls. Of course the my talk to top two cruel intentions and showgirl showgirls is amazing. And there's a documentary. There's one out already but have you seen it. No i haven't go. Oh my god. If you're a fan of showgirls in any like rama fandom like you have to watch documentaries and guess what. There's another one coming out really. I wonder if it'll be better. I don't know how it could be but some of the guy who did there.

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