Lean Maloney. Wild businesses


Center. I'm Phil for our rain could be headed our way. It's humid. There is moisture in the air. And there is an easterly flow. National Weather Service says We could see showers today. Tomorrow, particularly out east gases up again. We are now paying on average $4.32 for regular highest since October of 2012. Triple A says, blaming on a sharp increase in the oil prices and a higher demand because more people are driving to work. Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce holding its annual fair Going to be smaller this year. Still arts crafts, ANTIQUES clothes. Food ends at five o'clock. Cocos updated San Diego WEATHER National Weather Service says We have a system out east headed towards our way. Particularly the East County. It could produce some range day and tomorrow right now, downtown 73 degrees on NewsRadio, 600 Kogo. Strangers coming to your house. Lean Maloney. Wild businesses make plans to bring employees back to offices in the coming months. They are concerned about a surging covid cases, mostly among the unvaccinated commerce Secretary Jeana Rimando on CBS's Face The Nation. You know we are not where we were a year ago or six months ago. By any stretch, we have highly effective vaccines. So the push now is Get vaccinated. Health officials are considering a mask mandate for everyone,

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