A highlight from Starting 9 Episode 259 - Are These Even Hot Takes?



Check us out. We've got a bunch of segments on their full episodes full episodes of starting nine on the youtube channel. Dallas is today what did i see. What did i you is today. One of your kids birthdays. I got. I saw it really quick. I thought it was like a first day of school picture. And then i was like wait. A second it's fucking mid-july yes. It is a first day of school picture. They are It's not i guess at school. It's like you know the pre-acadamy type deal a pre learning academy jazz. Just getting them acquainted to uh trying to turn them into the walking stiffs that human beings eventually become learning to fall in line take orders and yada yada yada but you gotta get that going early crops. And that's what's right now. Day one wasn't for but i got to see the pictures i got to facetime on the way. They're trying to figure out a camera situation but yeah day one. That gets you dad life. I mean if only if only the former juku bandits could see dallas now. He's got two little girls wrapped around his finger. He is daddy dallas. He's a different. Breed is a different guy But we had some We had some action going on and major league baseball past weekend. Where you wanna start. I know a lot of people. Were all riled up about the fan. That through baseball at alex for do go. I don't know where you stand on that per se. But i

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